Heading in to the Final 10 Miles of Mules West Ramble

2,190 miles down. 10 miles to go. Tonight, Friday October 18, the mules and I arrived in Hailey, Idaho, the target we’ve been aiming for since we rode out the front gate 6 months ago.

Cracker soaking up the Hailey welcome
Crossing Goodall’s Cutoff yesterday. (outside of Picabo, Idaho)
Soaking up some final time on the trail with Brick (Lava Lake, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho)

Tomorrow we tackle the final 10 miles to Nick and Carolyn Parker’s, our final destination. They live just outside Hailey.

Mules Brick and Cracker are in fine form. Plenty more photos coming in the next posts but first man and mules must get some grub!


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Todd Bryant
Todd Bryant
4 years ago

There have not many evenings when I have missed checking in with you and the mules.I have deep appreciation for all that you have shared on your ramble. I promise I will keep in touch. At my age (74) I feel so lucky to be able to ride and raise horses. Comes down to it, they are the main reason I am in pretty good shape. I do not foresee any possibility of doing a long ride, but Lordy have I ever dreamed. So thank you Bernie. I will write later. Tb

4 years ago

Yay B!!!! So darn proud of you and the mules!

Christian Harberts
4 years ago

So much editorial work! So many photos! So many wifi logons…

You make it look easy, and you put the lie on those who say blogging is dead. In fact, I sense, in some cases, your articles are driving your FB presence. That’s back-assward (see what I did there?), but I guess if you’re taking marketing advice from two mules, that’s what you get, eh?


Sue McBride
4 years ago

Congratulations on Making it to the end of your mules west ramble! I’m amazed and inspired by your journey! Have to say I am going to miss your daily posts.

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