Pig Walking with Landri

Landri Loos shows pigs. She lives outside Hazard, Nebraska. Recently she took me for a stroll with her show pig. Click the video player to learn why a girl would walk a Nebraska pig 15 minutes a day.

Landri’s dad Trent is a broadcaster and sixth generation rancher. Looks like Landri has the makings of Gen Seven.

Post Script

Big thanks to Landri for taking me for a walk with her pig. Additional thanks to her parents Trent and Kelli for the days they put the mules and me up. A bed and a corral: what a luxury for man and mules.


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Sam Mcgargill
Sam Mcgargill
4 years ago

Sure was glad to have met you, hope you didn’t get eaten up by bugs getting over the river . How are your mules holding up .

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