Stories from Bernie's new trip - heading "down under" to explore Tasmania

Postcard from Southport Tasmania
November 22, 2010

Call it a banner day. Not only was I able to enjoy a beer at Australia (and Tasmania’s) southernmost pub, I was able to send out some postcards – all from the same building. What makes these cards especially unique are they were posted from Tassie’s southernmost post office agency!

There’s no wrong place to write a postcard – or put down your beer glass for that matter….!

I know, I know, these cards should show up in your letter box as a complete surprise. But I get excited so I thought I’d give you a quick preview of what’s headed your way. Sort of like a sneak glimpse at your Christmas present – just because you peek at the bike under the Christmas tree doesn’t mean it’s not exciting to get!

Okay Postcard from Tasmania subscribers, brace yourself for some toothy post.

Cheers from Southport, Tassie!

Posted Monday November 22, 2010 by Bernie
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