UNC-TV to Feature "Too Proud to Ride a Cow" Book

“Too Proud to Ride a Cow”
By Mule Across America

UNC-TV will feature “Too Proud to Ride a Cow”, the account of Bernie’s last coast-to-coast mule voyage, on “North Carolina Bookwatch”. Click here to see when you can hear Bernie explain how, as an author, mule Woody wasn’t the only thing he had to tie down…

“Too Proud to Ride a Cow”
By Mule Across America

Often, the story behind a book’s creation is as interesting as the final creation. Join UNC-TV host DG Martin and Bernie for a televised discussion of the Bernie’s Atlantic to Pacific mule voyage – and how the “Too Proud to Ride a Cow” book came into being.

Rick Pariseau: Rat Rancher
Lexington, Oklahoma

While bunking with rat ranchers and a lady wood poacher was adventurous, writing about it in “Too Proud” was even more challenging. That’s where the wool sweater, straight-back chair and sailor’s knot came in…


Then tune into UNC-TV’s “North Carolina Bookwatch” for the full story. Here are the dates and times:

Friday, Aug 29 9:30 PM
Sunday, Aug 31 5:00 PM

To read previews or order a copy of “Too Proud to Ride a Cow”, click her to go to the RiverEarth General Store.

To learn more about UNC-TV’s “North Carolina Bookwatch”, click here.


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